Each HG will include a unique hex color as well as the globally recognized names linked with that color. These names and other details are derived from The Official Registry of Color Names, and the details are supplemented by various designer-inspired sites such as Color-Name, ColorHexa, and many others. Needless to say, we did our homework when it comes to the color palette of the "Genesis" collective and how those colors and codes will function in the future.

Talis Protocol

There were many places we could have partnered with to ensure our vision, but after reviewing the platform's priorities, the Talis Protocol was the only one that shared our vision for the future. Others wanted us to set the price of $UST at triple or quadruple what it is minting at currently. Talis' team was the only one who, like us, wanted to sustain a community, work toward a goal, and not pass up an opportunity to create something amazing for a few thousand dollars. We are committed to Talis Protocol, and we want you to be as well.


The reward mechanics will be based solely on the initial 100 being adopted, and with the understanding that if we are somehow short of selling the 100 initial HG, then we will determine at that time the viability of continuing the project toward another better suited reward mechanic, or re-releasing another round of initial offerings. The one thing we know that we will be depending on is the Talis.art community involvement. What we have seen so far, we have no doubt that our fellow artists, collectors, and initial investors will support an “out of the box,” project like ours. In return for that support, we as a community will increase the awareness of The Talis Protocol, and bring new users into our space.


All support channels can be found here. However, if you need any immediate attention, please join our discord


This site is in constant development, and soon we will have a main app we can coorelate all the plans and goals that we have for the future. Until then, all the important links are below. We will need everyone's help in getting to where we want to be, and I appreciate all of your help. This is going be huge.










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